“Keep it real! 2022 Introduction” – an e-learning event on how to prepare a succesful youth exchange project

E-learning / 20 July 2022 | Online, Lithuania

The online event is aimed at those who have no or only some experience in preparing a Youth Exchange and is an introduction to TC “Keep it Real! 2022” which will be held in September.

What does it make to have a REAL youth exchange? What is YOUR REALITY of youth exchange projects? You probably had some experience in applying, what were your challenges, and expectations? We want to help you with finding tips&tricks to raise the quality of the future youth exchange.

“Keep it real! 2022 Introduction” is a part of the training course “Keep it real! 2022”. It will offer possibilities to acquire the basic yet necessary knowledge about Youth Exchange projects. As well as the course, this online event is mainly aimed at those who have no or only some experience of applying for international Youth Exchange – either you have just recently applied for the grant and received a negative answer or you have freshly „joined the club“ of applicants by planning to apply for a grant for the first time.

The main aim of this online event is:

  • to present the main aspects necessary to implement the project;
  • to help participants to indicate their capabilities and the potential of their ideas.
  • to share good practices and encourage new newcomers to take the action.
  • to briefly explain about an upcoming training course and what to expect from it.

Also, participants who will show interest in the main Training course “Keep it real! 2022” which is planned for the 5-9th of September, will be pre-selected automatically.

We are inviting representatives, young people who are actively involved in planning a youth exchange project. In the introduction event, we expect participants from Programme countries, Partner Countries, and Eastern Partnership countries. There is no selection process, but you have to fill out the registration form.

„Keep it REAL! 2022 Introduction” is planned for 20th of July from 2 pm. to 4 pm., 2022, on the online Zoom platform.

Please make note that the time in the program is written according to the hosting National Agency time in Vilnius (GMT+3).

Team: Vika Matuzaitė and Žilvinas Mažeikis will share all their knowledge and experience in YE. Some organizations will share their experience and tips as well as representatives of the Lithuanian National Agency will join the training to support the process, and share some technical aspects of youth exchange projects

More information at: SALTO