ETS Trainers‘ Skills Workshop (TSW): Sustainability in European Training activities

Training Course / 17-21 October 2022 | Cloughjordan, Ireland

The TSW offers a chance to explore sustainability in a broader sense than environmental, share experiences & co-create sustainable practices in trainings. How can we be more sustainable as trainers & what can we do about it in training activities?

The Overall goal of this Trainers’ Skill Workshop is to empower youth work trainers to implement a sustainable mindset in their practice. By looking at Sustainable Development Goals by the UN and the ideas around Green Erasmus we will see how this can be applied in a European youth work training context.

We intend to do it by:

­broadening awareness and understanding of sustainability (in trainings);
reflecting on their own trainer practice in terms of sustainability;
creating a space to share sustainability concepts and practices;
exploring possible actions to deliver sustainable trainings (things we can do as trainers);
fostering active hope and solidarity for the future.

Target group

Trainers’ Skills Workshop targets trainers who already have long-term experience with training in the field of youth and who have the capacity to reflect on their practice as trainers, which generally require several years of regular practice. The training activity is for trainers who wish to develop their competences with regard to particular areas/skills and transfer the learning to their youth work practice.

Duration and schedule:

-17th of October – arrival
-18th-20th of October – full training days
-21st of October – departure

More detailed programme and schedule is attached to the call


The venue has been specifically chosen for the topic of TSW. We will be working in the WeCreate Workspace in Cloughjordan Ecovillage, a model of sustainability and community resilience. www.thevillage.ie

Important! – if there are any conditions preventing organising the workshop residentially, it will be held online on the same dates.

Team of trainers:

Monika Kezaite- Jakniuniene is an author and facilitator of learning programmes in Europe youth work training since 2004, currently involved in youth worker training programmes.

Davie Philip is a community catalyst and facilitator at Cultivate, the Sustainable Ireland Cooperative.

About Trainers’ Skills Workshops

Training Skills Workshops (TSW) are organised in the context of the European Training Strategy which aims at developing trainers’ competences as outlined in the ETS Competence Model For Trainers.

TSWs are for trainers having a long-term experience with training in the field of youth. The workshop is for trainers who wish to develop their competence with regard to particular areas/skills and transfer the learning to their youth work practice. Every time TSW has a different thematic focus for certain skills development.

TSWs take place twice a year as part of a strategic long-term cooperation between NAs and SALTO T&C RC coordinating European training offers for trainers. It supports ‘advanced trainers’ to explore a certain area of trainers’ work and related competences of the ETS Competence Model for Trainers.

This TSW is organised by the “Trainer Competence Development” project.

Supporting the competence development of trainers is an important aspect to ensure the high quality of youth worker trainings in Europe. The ETS therefore calls for the development of a modular system to train the trainers of youth workers by defining a set of essential competences that can be acquired in specific courses and serve to establish a pool of certified trainers in Europe.

SALTO T&C RC keeps this subject on its agenda and develops projects in cooperation with NAs and other stakeholders.

Available downloads:

More information at: SALTO