GamifyEU month is about to start! You are all INVITED!

Dear all,

May 9th is celebrated as Europe day and, on that occasion, we have decided to start a GamifyEU month!

GamifyEU is the project YEU is running with 4 other partners – DYPALL from Portugal, Sauga ANK from Estonia, Active Bulgarian Society from Bulgaria and La Fenice from Italy and for last year’s EU elections we have created a Journey through EU which takes you through the present, past and future EU. At this moment we are preparing three more stories – Engage, Connect and Empower – that should be out in early autumn 2020. You can check the Journey at: www.gamifyeu.org

During May and June, our YEU PET members will be organising interesting activities and discussions about the EU with many different young people and MEPs to present interesting facts about the EU, programmes and overall, values.

You can check here our plan:

We are kicking off the programme now, on Thursday, 14th May 2020

The link to register for the first event is here.

Thank you very much for inviting your volunteers, activists and colleagues!

See you on Thursday!

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