Consumer rights for young people: a new challenge for youth information

17 November | 10-12h CET

Consumer rights concern everyone, also – or even more –young people. With the digital sphere gradually intertwining with every part of our daily lives, children, youth and young adults are confronted with limitless possibilities of consumption.

The earlier their awareness is raised for their own consumer rights, the better they can preemptively protect themselves – and be equipped with the measures of protection offered in case of serious problems. With youth information having a particular responsibility to connect young people to the essential knowledge they need in life, consumer protection for young people has to be recognized as a new core task.

How to make conscious choices as a young consumer? Why is it important to empower youth to be aware of their rights? What is the role of youth information in this respect? Organised in the framework of the Council of Europe-ERYICA Partnership, this webinar offers first-hand insights regarding young consumer rights, and gives impressions on how to appropriately support and equip young people to become informed and responsible consumers. Moreover, the results of the European project NEXTdays will be presented.

The agenda for the webinar will look as follows:

10-00h Opening: Jaana Fedotoff, President of ERYICA

10.10h Keynote Speech: Madeline Schillinger and Felicitas Wühler, European Consumer Centre Germany (ECC)

10.40h NEXTdays project presentation: Annika and Kira Schmahl, Project Managers at IJAB

11.05h Interview with young editor:

11.15-h Interview with Julia Nuckols, PhD researcher at the University of Jyväskylä, – driven by Jaana Fedotoff

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