Webinar: Participation&Information: Inspirational Practices


21 May 2020 | zoom.us, Estonia

Join our webinar to become inspired by youth projects that have stood out! It’s a perfect chance to learn from project leaders how they organised their actions, what kind of challenges they faced and what to do to shine out with good communication!

Date: May 21, 2020

Time: 2-4PM CEST

Venue: zoom.us – details sent to participants before the event

Projects “Find the Green” and “Youth for Democracy” have also been shortlisted as top projects for the SALTO PI Awards. SALTO PI Awards recognises inspirational projects in on Youth Participation, Media and Information Literacy and Communication categories. By telling stories and recognising work well done, we can inspire young people, decision makers and future applicants of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps to do youth participation better.

In this webinar we will…

  • learn from the project leaders what methods and approaches can be used to make a better impact
  • gather ideas how to start a successful project in your country
  • get inspiration on how to make your project visible and improve your communication
  • get tips and tricks how to work with decision makers, partners and young people
  • learn the lessons, do’s and don’t from people who have successfully gone through this process

About the inspirational projects:

Find the Green. The project aimed to raise awareness on environment protection throughout supporting decision making related to choosing eco-solutions with using the power and the advantages of media. SALTO PI Awards jury members endorsed: “The project is youth led, shows great initiative and effort put in the whole project. What is even more amazing, is that they managed in a short period of time, in just 3 months, to build a web platform and record podcasts! They managed to reach a significant amount of young people, who could get interested in the topic. It is amazing what was achieved with a modest budget! Great potential to keep this a long-term and a sustainable activity.”

Youth for Democracy. The project promoted and informed young people about the European and Romanian national elections, European Union, and participatory democracy. SALTO PI Awards jury members stated: “The project reached a big amount of young people on a national level. The impact was proven as significant. The combination of usage of different tools to reach out was well planned and executed.”


Bianca Butacu (Youth for Democracy) started her journey in the youth sector in 2015, when she became part of the Active Development Association ADA. Since then, she has taken part in more than 30 Erasmus+ national and international projects being a member of the project team in 15 of those. Bianca is also the coordinator of other local activities and events implemented by ADA, such as the Gheraiesti Park Days Festival or Living Library events, organised for young people. Currently, she works on urban development, but is also the lead editor and coordinator of the Youth for Democracy magazine and website. Her main area of interests and activities are participatory democracy, European Union, European funds, and urban development.

Klaudia Kis (Find the Green) was led by strong system approach from a graduate in economics to project and process management. On the same time, her heart led her to Human Resources consultancy. After that she crazily and irreversibly fell in love with non-formal learning and became a freelance trainer. Since then she has gained a huge personal growth experience and takes every opportunity to raise awareness and work with self-awareness and youth entrepreneurship. She believes that when people are trying to improve their self-awareness they naturally get closer to environmental awareness as well. She plans and facilitates environmental projects because she wouldn’t like to do anything else 🙂

*In order to take part of this webinar, participants will have to ensure following technical requirements are guaranteed to have a good webinar experience:

*Wifi or 3G/4G network

  • speakers
  • microphone (optional)
  • webcam (optional)

*SALTO PI is not giving out Youth Passes or certificates for attending this event.

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The event is organised by SALTO Participation and Information Resource Centre (SALTO PI) and is part of webinar series “Making Youth Participation Visible”. More information: www.salto-youth.net/participation

More information at: https://trainings.salto-youth.net/8747

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