Digital Storytelling – Online Training for Facilitators

E-learning / 25 October – 17 December 2021 | www, Belgium – FL

Digital Storytelling (DST) is a powerful youth work tool! Through DST, one can achieve excellent results, especially in work with socially vulnerable groups. It is a perfect system to discuss all kinds of topics, even the most difficult ones.

Invitation: Digital Story Telling Workshops October & November

Have you ever thought of using Digital Storytelling as a tool in your educational, youth or social work?
Digital Storytelling is a methodology that Maks has used successfully for more than 20 years. Through digital storytelling, we achieved excellent results with socially vulnerable groups. It is a perfect system to discuss all kinds of topics with both young and adult learners. At the same time, it is empowering them and enhancing their storytelling and digital skills. A digital story is a personal narrative made of images and a 1 to 5 minutes long voice-over.

Digital Storytelling – Online Workshops

We will teach you the seven steps of digital storytelling and dialogue about ethical issues in a five-day intensive workshop. After this training, you will be capable of facilitating a digital storytelling workshop.

  • you will know the different steps of the methodology
  • you will obtain the digital skills needed to help your learners with editing, voice recording, subtitling and sharing their stories.

Programme (subject to change/ tailored for the group’s needs):

Day 1: Learn how to explore a topic with your group and how to pose the perfect question to extract a beautiful story;

Day 2: A deep dive in the writing and sharing groups-process of the Digital Storytelling method through the story circle;

Day 3: See what makes a good image and get some great tips on creating your own!;

Day 4: Editing your Digital Story is extremely easy. You’ll see!;

Day 5: All that didn’t fit in the other days!

We still have places available for the following dates:

25-29/10 – 8-12/11 – 22-26/11 -13-17/12

For any questions, consult our coach Petar:

Available downloads: DST_online_workshops (1).png

More information at: SALTO