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Coffee with: Fake News and Artificial Intelligence

Next Thursday 25th February, at 5 pm CET, a new ‘Coffee with’ event will take place. We will talk about Artificial Intelligence, deep fakes, and fake news with three MEPs who we have invited for this occasion.

We’ve all heard about Fake News, misinformation or disinformation, but how many of you have heard about deep fakes? Deep fakes are informational content that is created by Artificial Intelligence. It can be as easy as creating fake posts or fake videos of people saying things they never said. These phenomenons represent a severe threat to true verified information and democracy.

We will have a great chance to talk to three MEPs who will shed light on this issue:

In addition to these great speakers, there will also be two short presentations of international projects that have decided to tackle the issue of fake news, artificial intelligence and hateful narratives head on:

DetAct: by Eline Jeane

Get the Trolls Out: by Giulia Dessi

To attend, you need to register in the Zoom link of our biography, or here

Share it; it’s going to be an exciting event!!

See you there!

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