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Call for participants: The Training for NEW Trainers Very Inclusive People (TNT VIP)

Welcome to the registration form of our biggest Y-E-N events of 2024 

The Training for NEW Trainers Very Inclusive People (TNT VIP)  is designed to develop Y-E-N member’s professional capacities for conducting local projects about social inclusion and involving more youngsters with fewer opportunities.

The objectifs of this T4T are:
1. To develop a common and comprehensive understanding of social inclusion;
2. To get familiar with the relevant tools, methods, recommendations and manual tackling youth inclusion produced by the Youth Department of the CoE, such as the Enter! Recommendations;
3. To develop knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for high-quality youth work.
4. To share inspiring experience and practises from the field of youth relevant to non-discrimination, equality and social inclusion.
5. To develop new educational activities involving vulnerable groups that can be implemented on local, national or international level and provide space for partnership building for future projects.

Each Y-E-N Member Organisation will nominate by completing this form, up to two youth workers to take part in and the final selection will by done by the preparatory team balancing experience, gender and geography of the youth workers. We aim at having our pool of volunteers (SAYers) renewed with this event, therefore we are reaching new youth workers aged between 18 to 25 year-old. 

Please complete the form  below by April 30th


If you have any questions or if you need any help completing this form, please write to us at:

Preuzeto sa: PRONI

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