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Open Call for European Solidarity Corps project in Mrachenik, Bulgaria

Open Call for European Solidarity Corps project in Mrachenik, Bulgaria


Smokinya Foundation holds a Quality Label and this Volunteering Teams activity is part of a 7 years strategy for youth development (2021-2027). In 2023, we had a successful pilot edition and hosted 37 people for 4 weeks in Mrachenik.

Objectives in our strategy:

Village Revival:

We bring connection, cultural exchange, inclusion and understanding between generations.

The Activities:

We will work in Action Teams (AT). Each AT will have an area and task list.



Smokinya Foundation contributes in creating a world that works for everyone out of love, care and cooperation. The organization serves as a learning platform for individuals who are ready to commit to their own learning and development needs. We create opportunities and provide space for people to learn, contribute and grow by participation, volunteering and leadership. Our approach is heuristic – a method for empowering a person to discover or learn something for themselves. Smokinya provides an alternative context of learning – experiential, ‘hands-on’, or learning by doing. Smokinya Foundation realizes its vision and values through youth work.


Campsite: Our campsite will provide outdoor toilets, showers, and sleeping in tents. There is also a campfire spot.

Tents Conditions: The tents have limited water resistance. We provide foam mattresses and pillows.

Accommodation: We provide shared tents. Be aware and ready to share a tent with 2-3 other participants. Bring your own tent, if you want to stay alone.

Each participant will receive pocket money (5 EUR/day). 3 meals per day (mostly vegetarian) + fruit, snacks, coffee, tea are provided. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 360 EUR based on your current location.

How to apply?

Click here to open the Application form

  1. Complete the BRAVO- APPLICATION FORM until 23:59 on deadline day.
  2. Deadline for applying: 20.04.2024.
  4. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact at:

Preuzeto sa: BRAVO BiH

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