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ID Talks: Year on Mental Health

ID Talks: Year on Mental Health


15 February – 12 April 2023 | Online (Zoom) , Belgium – FL

ID Talks is a series of 5 stand-alone online events (workshops) of up to 90 minutes each, with inspiring guest speakers, thought-provoking insights, discussion in small groups and Q&A sessions.

The spring edition is under the motto “Understanding Mental Health” 

Mental Health and Wellbeing of youth are at the core of European Youth Goals and the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027. It aims at achieving better mental wellbeing and end stigmatisation of mental health issues, thus promoting social inclusion of all young people. Nonetheless, a significant and increasing number of young people across Europe are expressing their concern at the prevalence of mental health issues such as high stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses amongst their peers. Young people cite the immense societal pressures they face today, and express a need for better youth mental health provision. 

SALTO Inclusion & Diversity Resources Centre and the Mental Health in Youth Work project jointly announce 2023 as “ID Talks: Year on Mental Health”, with the spring 2023 edition under the motto “Understanding Mental Health” and the autumn 2023 edition under the motto “Discovering Mental Health Practices”.  

The spring edition will address 5 introductory topics to form a general understanding of young people’s mental health and wellbeing and its link to quality youth work. The series features youth workers, professionals and volunteers, from all over the world to share insights, research findings, food for thought, good practices or inspirational stories. They will guide participants through the pressing matters and challenges affecting young people’s mental health and wellbeing and inspire the audience to make their programmes and organisations more inclusive, embrace human differences, look ahead and picture what the future of youth work and Inclusion & Diversity might look like.

Each workshop begins with the input from a guest speaker. After the input, participants have the opportunity to engage in the discussion, ask questions, and share about their own realities and experiences.


Every other Wednesday, at 13h CET, from 15 February until 12 April. Check the Facebook event here!

For whom?

Youth workers, youth leaders, professionals, and volunteers involved in ID in the EU youth programmes, as well as all those interested in youth work and Inclusion & Diversity topics.

How to register?

Fill in and submit the registration here

IMPORTANT NOTE: although there is a deadline, it’s always possible to register at any time for the sessions that will still take place.

All registered participants will receive a link to the Zoom meeting a week before each session takes place.

For more info, check here!

More information at: SALTO

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