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REACH+ NETWORK – First Transnational Meeting

REACH+ NETWORK - First Transnational Meeting

Partnership-building Activity

12-15 April 2023 | Belluno, Italy

The REACH+ Network aims at supporting and empowering young LGBT+ people in rural areas through the development of projects, exchange of good practices and advocacy.

Young LGBT+ people living in rural areas face many challenges and due to the barriers linked to discrimination and geographic obstacles, they struggle to access educational opportunities and services.

The REACH+ project is a small scale partnership focussed on building a transnational network in Europe to develop proposals, exchange practices among youth workers and develop research and materials to support this target group.

We are delighted to inform that the first transnational meeting of the network will take place from the 12th to the 15th April 2023 in Belluno, Italy. If your organisation would like to become a member of the network, just read the invitation document (attached) and submit your request through SALTO. 

Your organisation does not need to be LGBT+ focussed but a strong understading and measures to support young people with fewer opportunities is required.

The costs for the participation in the transnational meeting of the network are fully covered by the Erasmus+ Programme. For further information, please get in touch with us (

Available downloads: Invitation (2).pdf

More information at: SALTO

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