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ActionBound Gamification Workshop


21 January 2023 | Zoom, Poland

A 3-hour workshop to present ActionBound, an easy to use Augmented Reality gamification platform for gamified experiences both indoors and outdoors. We will present ActionBound’s functionalities as well as work together to brainstorm potential uses.

This workshop focuses on presenting ActionBound, an easy to use Augmented Reality gamification platform, demonstrating its functionalities while offering the participants the chance to collectively brainstorm about where and how to use it in a variety of settings, contexts and for different learning purposes.

ActionBound is a free for personal use platform and app to create all kinds of gamified experiences, such as city games, adventure walks, even indoor and in-class competitions and quests.

The total duration of the workshop is 3 hours, the first half will focus on presenting Actionbound’s functionality while the second will give the space to participants to offer their own ideas and suggestions.

This initiative is a follow up of the Gamification & Digital Skills in Youth Work training course, conducted by Europe 4 Youth between 6 and 12 of October, 2022.

More information at: SALTO

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