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Celebration of solidarity in the International Human Solidarity Day! (Zoom event)


20 December 2022 | ZOOM, Austria

Join us and hear more about the new Humanitarian Aid strand of the European Solidarity Corps and United Nations Volunteers programme and their connection with Solidarity!

December is the month for celebration and for reflection. We invite you to join our initiative to proclaim the month of December as a month of solidarity because 20th of December is the International Human Solidarity Day

Join a thrid discussion about why it is important to have an international day dedicated to solidarity. 

We have with us representatives from two main stakeholders who support both solidarity and volunteering in the worls. 

Together with our guests, we will discuss:

Apply by 18.12.2020!

Check the FaceBook event here 

For more info about the experts, check this web page !

More information at: SALTO

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