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Contact Making Seminar on Volunteering, digital and green


14-17 December 2022 | Rome, Italy

This seminar is aimed at fostering reflection and exchange of practices (good and bad) in volunteering projects about two of the main priorities in ESC Programme, digital transformation and climate change and green policies.

The activity will bring together professionals involved with ESC volunteering projects to exchange good practices in Europe, to exchange project ideas and work on potential new partnerships for volunteering projects development focused on these two priorities.

This can happen by analysing how these two priorities are developed in volunteering projects and how organisations and volunteers are conscious about digital practices and green practices, which can enhance their experiences and potential impact on communities.


The activity would like also to contribute to the developing of quality implementation of projects in local communities and towards actual societal challenges.

Through the methods of non-formal education, participants will be able to get new knowledge that can help them in planning their projects, and learn about practices and shared results.

Methodology used in seminar will consist of Key-note speakers, sharing good practices, interactive sessions and online tools.

More information at: SALTO

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