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Strengthening Entrepreneurship Education For Youth Workers

Training Course / 20-28 July 2022 | Gaziantep, Turkey

“Strengthening Entrepreneurship Education For YouthWorkers” aka Entre-Up Training Course Project will be held on 20-28th of July 2022 in Gaziantep/TÜRKİYE.

The «Strengthening Entrepreneurship Education For Youth Workers» project has similar goals (encouraging active participation, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, and solidarity among young people) to the “Erasmus +” program and encourages entrepreneurship as a tool to combat youth unemployment.

Youthworkers will gain a better understanding of their role in society and in Europe in the future, as they will learn about the need for business development in order to create new job opportunities and participate at an economic level by designing business plans.

The aim of the project is; to increase the knowledge, skills, and competence levels of 50 youth workers from 23 participating countries or experts working in the field of entrepreneurship.

The goal of the project will be achieved through the following specific objectives:

OS1. To increase the awareness of a total of 48 participants from the European Union, Africa, and the Caucasus region in order to encourage and develop entrepreneurship in the current economic environment,

OS2. To raise awareness among young people from 24 organizations about the importance of young entrepreneurs and their role in shaping the future of European society,

OS3. To encourage young people with fewer opportunities to develop entrepreneurial ideas,

OS4. To enable them to learn to develop concrete business plans (start-ups) in a multicultural environment,

With this project that we want to realize in Gaziantep province, we aim to increase the employability of young people, remove the barriers to youth entrepreneurship, and support youth entrepreneurship. Thus, we will pioneer youth entrepreneurship and raise awareness on this issue.

Among the goals; the participants will be able to assist young people who could not enter the labor market after the project in guidance and counseling activities. Participants will encourage young people to establish their own businesses as a result of sharing what they have learned with their environment, informing about existing policies, and grant projects, and instilling self-confidence.

Available downloads: Entre_UP_Summary.pdf

More information at: SALTO

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