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No Risk, No Borders: Western Balkans Youth Discuss Youth Risks

Supported by RYCO within the fourth Open Call for Project Proposals co-financed by the European Union, the Drug Policy Network South East Europe (DPNSEE) in partnership with Udruženje Prevent (Association Prevent) from Serbia, Nevladina Organizacija Re Generacija (Non-Governmental Organisation Re Generation) from Serbia, NVO Juventas ( NGO Juventas) from Montenegro, Aksion Plus from Albania and Association Margina (Asocijacija Margina) from Bosnia and Herzegovina implemented summer regional workshops within the project “No Risk, no borders for young people”.

The workshop that took place in Velipojë, Albania, was held from 26 to 29 August and offered a learning opportunity for youth activists and workers to improve their leadership skills, as also to identify crucial comments and proposals for purposes of the finalization of a curriculum for work with youth at risk, which is one of the key project objectives. Previously, participants gathered in a workshop in Serbia too, which aimed to connect youth and enable them with safe spaces to discuss youth at risk issues and to break down stigmas and prejudices.

“I liked the freedom of speech we were given, it was nice to be able to speak about the topics of your own opinion and I like the fact that everyone was ready to give more information about the topic they were covering,” stated one of the participants.

Taking into consideration that the workshop focused on topics that revolve around the concept of “youth at risk” described as a general term for a range of circumstances that place young people at greater vulnerability for problem behaviors, it was important to ensure that the participants and trainers felt confident to share their experiences and ideas in free, open, and safe space.

“The information given throughout the sessions was really important and we learned a lot of things we can use in our work. There was a safe space for sharing,” underlined one of the participants.

“Everything was amazing, meeting new people, enjoying the time spent there, and learning some new stuff,” concluded another participant of the workshop.

Speaking of their personal experience during the workshop, one of the participants added: “I liked most the fact that I got to learn new things and also show my skills in regards to different topics. I found it amazing that not only I got to do all of those things but also meet new people.”

“No Risk, no borders for young people” project is strongly focused on marginalized youth groups aiming to support and actively involve them in intercultural dialogue and learning, regional exchange, and knowledge development on youth issues.

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